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Name :         Asih Widya Astuti

Class :      2008 B

Prodi  :         bahasa inggris

NPM  :      1106080115







Smoking a cigarettes shoul be banned for students. Because it is vey harmful. There are some reasons why the students are banned to smoke a cigarette.

First, smoking a cigarette is harmful for their health. Because cigarette’s smoke will damage the lungs, disturb sexual ability, Delay thei growth. Moreover they are teenagers an the process of growth is happened in puberty. So, if they smoke cigarette, their growth will be delayed.

Second, it makes students to do crime and bad action. So, it make their behaviour will be bad. Example, stealing. Because they have not much money, they steal money to be used buying cigarettes. And cigarette’s smoke contains nikotin that make them addicted.So they want to consume it everyday. And the costs of f scholl will not be paid, but it is used to buy cigarette.

Third, it makes students lazy to study. Because cigarette’s smoke contains nikotin. So their power of mine is weak. And it will delay the process of thinking. Example, feeling a sleep when receive the lessons and never concntrite to receive the lessons from teacher.

Finally, smoking costs a lot of money. Most of students are supported by their parents financially. Because they haven’t gotten a job, so they haven’t to earn for their living yet. And smoking will burdens to their parents who have spent much money for their school necessity.

Therefore, students may not be allowed to smoke cigarettes. Because it is harmful for health, spend much money, makes them lazy to study,and doing criminality.






Al Qur’an

It is the holy book

The holy book for Moslem

Everyday it’s read

By all Moslems

Young, adult, and old man

Read and do its command

The command of Al qur’an is the command of GOD

The Moslem’s GOD is ALLAH

And you’ll get pleasant and peace

The ophorism said

Disregard Al Qur’an will be getting misfortune

But regard and curing Al Qur’an

Will be getting lucky


Read it,

Your life will be save

Either in the world or the hereafter

By: asih widya .A.


Kudus is lovely small town that has many particular characteristics and also many interesting places.

The regency of kudus lies on the north coast of java island. It is the smallest area among the regencies in central java.most of people in kudus are Moslems and the others are Christians, Buddhist and Hinduism. Most of them are religious, tough, diligent, and hardworking. And there are many kinds of industry built in kudus. The most dominant ones are cigarette, and jenang or dodol that a special food in kudus.

It has also some tourist objects. They are kudus minaret, muria mountain, cigarette museum,etc. kudus minaret or menara kudus is a historical remain, a unique and an antique building that symbolizesislamic and Hinduism cultures and was built by ja’far shodiq or sunan kudus. He is one of the nine most popular figures who spread islamics teachings over the island of java. Another popular figure is umar said or sunan kudus who lived in the mount of muria. Many domestic people, and some from other countries visit the mountain to pray a pilgrim to his grave while enjoying the cool, fresh around monthel waterfall

Kudus has tropical climate with medium temperature. It is a comfortable city to live in. and there are many kinds to be visited.


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