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Polygamy is very controversial in our country. Many people say that you must not be polygamous, but other people say that you are able to be polygamous, so which one is right. You may have your own opinion too about polygamy since this topic has become so controversial in our country. But let’s check this out, the positive reasons and the  negative reasons of polygamy. I will also give my suggestion  about this topic.

First let me say I have my own opinion about polygamy, I often have a debate with my friends about this topic and of course all of the boys in my class will say that they agree to this. I am absolutely sure  they will  say that because polygamy is commonly  done by a man. Which man who does not want to have  more than one wife? Polygamy means that they are able to have multiple wives. No no no that’s so silly why are men able to do polygamy and women can not??? We may say it is not fair for women. So what you think about the positive reason of polygamy??? Women say “nothing” but men say “ many”, yes of course they will say like that. But I think the  only positive reasons of polygamy is they have wife but they feel wifeless because their wife does not serve them well. Husbands have to prepare everything by themselves.  For example, they have to prepare their breakfast by themselves or they have to wash their clothes by themselves. Of course they will  feel wifeless and want to find a better one.

Secondly, I will tell you about a lot of negative reasons of polygamy that occurs when a man only wants satisfaction. When  I have debate with my friends, many boys say a lot of reasons why they are able to be polygamous. So let’s check their reasons or can I say their excuse of polygamy: first is that they say, they will be polygamous if their wife cannot give them descendants. If they really love their wife they will not find another one just because of this reason and they will not hurt their beloved wife. That really does not make sense; where has the commitment gone?. Second is that they say, their wife could not satisfy them. Hello… you have to choose the best future couple before you decide to get married. So, if these things happen that’s your mistake because you not ensure a strong future commitment, and you did not know her well enough. Then the question is in what ways are you not satisfying your wife??? Is she not serving you well?? Or she is an emotional woman and often angry at you??? If your wife is not good enough. just say to her and end everything it means that you have to divorce your wife first and after that you may find a better one. Third is just for fun, they do that just for fun. That’s crazy, they are bored with their wife and so they are looking for another one. Unbelievable that they would hurt their wife’s feeling just because of a desire. This really the worst reason to commit polygamy. Last is that they are polygamous because they say that they do not love their wife anymore. A man will make a lot of excuses for this one, can you imagine that?? At the first time of their marriage, the husband loves his wife too much but by later on his love will be gone like the dust, that’s really crazy! Before you decide to marry, you really have to ensure what kind of person you will marry. Because it’s a big deal to your life.

The conclusion is polygamy is permitted for Muslims, but there are a lot of requirements that you have to fill first before you do that. For example, you must be a wise person and be a fair person. You may have multiple wives if you are able to be fair in all aspects to your wives: you have to be fair in material goods, fair in affection, fair with time etc. So if you are not sure that you are a wise person I suggest that you don’t do this. You will hurt many feelings, because there’s no wife in this world who wants to share their husband to another woman, then I suggest that if you don’t love your wife anymore just say it, and make the best decision of your life but never hurt other people just for your own satisfaction or pleasure.





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