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Moh. Najibullah The students of 08 B UNIROW Tuban

The Strange of the Students of UNIROW Unirow is one of the best university in Tuban. There are seven faculties in unirow, such as the faculty of teacher and training education, faculty of inductions technique, and the others. The most favorite one is in the English department at the faculty of teacher and training education. There are more than 1200 students from the beginning until the last level.  In this time, I want to discuss about something that happen with the spirit of the English students of Unirow. I really astonish with the facts with the students and their spirit. For example :  1.   When the students have an assignment, they will do it in the injury time and the serious problem is the students never do it by their self but just paste from the internet, friends, book without anything changed, without thinking.

2.           Low motivation. Most of the English students in Unirow always refuse when any one asks them to speak English. They just response their friends with their mother language and said,” I’m sorry, I cann’t speak English well. Thus, I’m afraid if I will  make many mistakes”. Ok, maybe we can receive their reason but what will happen when this problem is run as long as students shy? Will they become a good speaker? Will they become the success learner? Will they get their purpose?. The answer is NO. nothing will be gotten and of course, they will get a great remorse. We must know, when we make any mistake, we will get a great understanding after it and we’ll never make the same mistake.

3.          The irresponsible lectures. We have known that little of the lecture are come from the busy teacher in some junior and senior high schools thus, when the lecture have some tasks from their school, of course the students in unirow will be left.  I think enough for my explanation, weather actually still there are many problems about the teaching and learning method. But, I’m sure that the leader of the faculty has do maximally as he can do. For the students of English, don’t surrender and let’s find and solve the problems together because everything is to us and to the others, and of course to our country, Indonesia Raya.


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