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Many  people agree that television is the best  friend and also a keeper for their children. Television makes parents and other adults can leave the programs in TV.Many of them made by children,such as cartoon film,animated movie,etc.There  are also television programs made to help the children to learn the basic knowledge about their environment.

Unfortunately,television can also bring bad influence to children.It exposes much violence in its program that surely will give effect on the children.

There are some effects that violence in television can give to children.

First,children may become sensitive to the pain and suffering that other people feel.The violence that they watch repeatedly will numb their feeling of caring toward other.They will start to think that suffering is an ordinary thing and helping suffered people is unnecessary.

Second,children may become scared to the world around them,watching people hurting others in television.They may become uncomfortable with other people.This condition happens because they think that other people will hurt them.

Third,They are more likely to behave aggressively and harmful act toward others because children love to imitate everything that they like.

In conclusion,television can be a good friend to children but it also bring bad influence on them.If parents don’t guide the children carefully.In order to minimize the bad effect, parents need to accompany their children when they watch TV and give explanation when its needed.


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