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Drugs should be avoidable from college campuses

Drugs should be avoidable from college campuses

At the present day in the world especially Indonesia we can find many adolescent that using drugs in their life. We can know the news from the televisions, radios, newspaper, etc. They said that it was very useful them because it could make disappear of stress. They never think what the bad effects if they use it. Some reasons why drugs should be avoid from college campuses:

The first reason is that using drugs can cause academic failure. If student consume drugs before they follow the class or feel a sick because the influence of drugs, they will unable to concentrate and pay attention on their school work. They may miss classes even fail the exams. This behavior could make them to drop out at school.

The second reason is that using drugs can cause deadly by accident. How can??? It can happen for example if they are driving a car, motorcycle, etc. In bad condition they can’t drive normally. They can’t control their body and mind. Another example when they have over dose. I t can make them dead…

So to decrease the academic failure and an accident that can be deadly, every person especially for students must have understood that drugs are danger for them. It’s not good for their body and life. And if they don’t want to get an accident like that don’t ever to try the drugs and always “SAY NO TO DRUGS”!!!!


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