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Why should we be afraid of dreaming!!

The progress of indonesia can be measured by the quality of excisting human resources.If the human resources of indonesian are high,the efforts to achieve a prosperous nation will soon be realized.Indonesian young people as a young generation are benchmarks for indonesia’s succes in achieving progress.But nowdays,the young people have stagnated in the works.
One of the reason that made them as it is about mindset,we can say kinda psimistic.They have a perspective that good is just good enough.They always think what they have obtained was just it they can do.they didn’t have any spirit to do the best and to do more than what they have done.They choosed to be mediocre than have to be exstraordinary that it actually needs a hard work to reach.We can never see such thing as succesful if it comes from something the mediocre,they must come from something exstraordinary.
Many of succes people story stated a succes way is started from the dream.They can be succes because they had dreams.We can say that dream is a goal,if we want to reach something without a goal it’s imposible.So we must have a goal to reach what we want.And the most important thing that we have to do is the process of reaching our dreams,we need hard work,we have to be a hard worker who always think that life is a challenge,you don’t choose to live in the comfortzone but you have to move from comfortzone to do the big thing as much as you can to your life. Don’t be afraid of dreaming a big dream, you just dream it,believe it,and of course you can make it happen.During have a dream is free,why should we be afraid of dreaming!! DREAM,BELIEVE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.Dream is what get you started ,faith is what keeps you going.You have to believe that you can because you have God who can,GOD is really GOOD

……And you’ve only just began……

By: Achsanul Chusna (2008B)


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