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by. Ahmad Fuad

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There are many countries in the world. Every country has different holidays. There are many holidays in Indonesia. Basically, holidays are known as free days in Indonesia. They are the days which we can use them to relax our body and refresh our mind. But actually, we can classify holidays into three groups.

The first group of holidays is religious day. There are five religions which are permitted in Indonesia. They are Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, catholic, and Protestant. Every religion has its holidays. Moslems, for example, celebrate Eid, which comes at the end of fasting month and Isro’ Mi’roj day, which is known as the day when Prophet Muhammad did a spiritual travel from masjidil Harom to masjidil Aqsha. Christians have Christmas day, which is celebrated every December 25th, and “Good Friday”, which is celebrated every the second Friday of April. Buddhists have Waisak day. Hindus have many important days, but the most popular day is Nyepi day.

The second group of holidays celebrates important historical and political events. Indonesia has an independent day which is always celebrated every August 17th. We usually celebrate it by holding some funny contests. The other important day is Heroes day on November 10th. It is celebrated for remembering and respecting our heroes’ merit. The birthdays of important people in history are also in this group, for example, Kartini’s day on April 21st.

The last group of holidays is cultural holiday. This group of holidays is effected by the citizen culture. There are many cultural holiday in Indonesia. But, the holidays which are considered as “National” holidays are just some of them. Most of them are New Year days. For examples, there are Christian’s new year on January 1st. the day is effected by the Christian’s culture. There is Hijriyah new years. This day is also known as Javanese new years. It is from Islam culture. It is always celebrated every Muharom 1st of Islam calendar. There is Imlek day, which comes from Chinese culture. Nyepi day is not only known as religious holiday, but also as a cultural holiday. It is effected by Balinese culture. Bali’s Hindus always celebrated it by doing some unique traditions, for example, they are prohibited to use fire and do their worldly activities for a day.

In conclusion, holidays are known as free day in Indonesia in spite of the fact that the word holiday is a combination of the word holy and day. Actually, holidays are not only the days when we can relax our body and refresh our mind, but also it can be religious day, celebration of important historical and political events, and cultural day.

by. Ahmad Fuad (FKIP unirow- English Education Program 2008 B)


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