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Puberty is one step toward the gates of manhood. To live this life, they need identity. Sometimes there are teenagers who have difficulty in finding their own identities, but not infrequently there are teenagers who can recognize themselves respectively. In the stage of knowing the identity of these, no doubt they need a model that they consider capable of describing their identity.

This model is called the idol. Many teenagers who imitate their idol. The teens want to be just like their idol that most notabenenya are great people or that they consider to have an advantage, giving rise to a tendency to idolize. Not infrequently the youth to follow and even emulate their idols.

For the fanatics, they will do anything for the sake of the idol. They are willing to change their image just so they could be similar to the idol. Quite often we meet with fans who imitate the hair style, style of dress, even gait and style of their idol speak. Even some fans who are willing to reach into his pocket to buy objects that are owned by their idol.

Many teens are influenced by the presence of the idol. Ironically, instead of self-discovery, they are actually trapped in the identity of others. But there are also teenagers who are motivated by their idol. It also depends on the individual teen. How to cope with their excessive admiration which can result in positive effects in their lives.

Based on the above, the writer wants to know the “The Influence of Idol For Teenager Personality” because many of the people whose lives changed after meeting with their idol.




Idol is the figure which highlighted lot of people because of the prime achievements. A lot of the race become an idol, but only a handful who have the formula as an true idol who will emerge as winners.

An idol gives considerable influence on teens, especially if the idol is a leader in the community (public figures), that is able to attract a large number of people in large numbers anyway. According to Erik Erikson, during this identity crisis, a significant social relationships that affect the adolescent is a model of leadership. In this model of leadership is an idol. An example, if there is a bunch of bands that managed to attract many young people so that the teens had “hypnotized” by him within the meaning of the song gave comfort to teens, the teens then slowly began to identify all the things that exist in the band ranging from used clothes up her hairdo. A person who managed to touch the hearts of teenagers, then that person will be a teen idol. Factors that had touched the hearts of teenagers is the ability to understand the youth, a genuine acceptance and support is greatly to his personal life. The band or singer that lyric provide reinforcement or encouragement for teenagers, then the band or singer would soon become a teen idol, call Agnes Monica, she is one of the Indonesian singer who has millions of loyal fans, the reason they like Agnes so diverse, starting to like her songs, her fashion style, her dances,her achievements,or even her attitude.

For teens, idol is the figure that is able to provide inspiration about life that empowers and emotional touches that can provide reinforcement. Inspiration, and emotional touch that strengthen and empower is inspiring and emotional touch that suits the needs of adolescents. As mentioned above earlier, a teenager needs is the need to be understood, understood, and fully supported. The need to understand and be understood requires a touch of emotional support to teenagers who do not curb the need inspiration, but it gives a genuine insight and direction and empowers. Inspiration that empower is to give choices to suit the conditions teenager.


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