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TITLE An Analysis on Teacher’s Techniques and The Implementation In Teaching Vocabulary to Second Years students of SMP 01 Tuban.



This journal is study on teacher’s techniques in teaching vocabulary to the fifth years of SMP 01 Tuban. The writer describe the problem because she wants to know the techniques used by the teacher of SMP 01 Tuban.

In this research, the writer uses the descriptive design. It means that the writer only describes the techniques of teaching  vocabulary. The target subjects of this study are the students on SMP 01 Tuban. Because of the large number of students, the writer takes 20 students who are the second year and one teacher subject of this journal. The data on this study are collected by doing an interview observation and distributing the questionnaires. The questionnaires are written in Indonesian. It is given to the teacher and the students. The observation is used to know directly about the techniques used by the teacher in teaching vocabulary in the classroom. The interview which is given to the teacher  and expected to obtain additional information about vocabulary.

The result of this study shows that there are many techniques using in the teaching vocabulary. In this case, the teacher of SMP 01 Tuban used those techniques based on the condition of the class. Some of those techniques of teaching vocabulary are : definition, translation, demonstration, synonym, anonym, games, wall chart, and pantomime.

After knowing the result of the study, the writer gave some suggestion that could used by English teacher as feedback of their teaching. The writer also gives to the students, teacher, and further researcher.


Language is part of people’s life which is used as a means of communication to make a relationship with other people in society. So that, it is very important for people in the society to know how to use language appropriately to make the communication go smoothly’ people should know how to speak to other to makes more communicative.

English as a foreign language plays an important role in our country. It becomes international language in the globalization era. This language becomes more important as it gears the communication among people, culture and their technological development.

In the line with the rapid development of science and technology now days English is unavoidable. Therefore, English has to be mastered if Indonesian want this country to be develop one. It is primarily due to the fast that rapid development of science and technology has been dominated by western countries in which English is widely used.

To prepare the nation which is aware of English and understand science ang technology, the minister of education and culture has decided to consider English as we grow up unless we are abnormal. Because of this common ability, we tend to take the preciousness of the language very much for granted.

English as a foreign language taught in Indonesia from elementary school to university level. In elementary school, English is taught as compulsory local content and given automatically to primary status among the other foreign language, vocabulary, one of the important aspects of language will make the students easy to communicate to each other and master the aspects of language, Mujiono (1993) state :

Vocabulary in English as a foreign is taught in school for the purpose of providing the students language skill, there are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Some general  statements say that the techniques of teaching reading comprehension and other (listening, speaking, and writing, are also focused on vocabulary).

In learning a foreign language students should analyze what they have to do, when they received the language assignments. They must be led to understand assignment connected with their habit of using their own language to enrich their vocabulary. Gairns and Redman (1992) state :

In organizing school learning, we have to select vocabulary carefully to ensure that high priority items are included, and provide varied opportunities for practice available to the “street learner”.

This study mainly concerns with the techniques of teacher English vocabulary for elementary school level. Moreover, the role of teacher’s competence of mastering various techniques is very important to make the students to be able to do or achieve the aim of the instructional program or mastering vocabulary. Ur (1996) state “ It is better to teach vocabulary in separated, spaced session than to teach it all at once”. According to Gairns and Redman (1992), “ To understand the words fully, therefore, a students must know not only what it refers to but also where the boundaries are that separate it from words of related meaning”.

We may say that vocabulary is one of the important elements of language and it should be taught effectively and purposefully. To do this effectively, the teacher must have both theoretical and knowledge about subject matter. Ryan and Copoper (1984 : 302) state “ to do this effectively, the teacher must have both theoretical, knowledge about learning and human behavior and knowledge about subject matter to be taught”.

The writer believes that English is really important for the beginner and the interaction of the teachers and learners are needed in teaching learning process.

In this “ skripsi” the writer tries to describes the techniques of teaching English vocabulary to the fifth year student at SMP 01 Tuban.



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