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Rr. Donna Citra K. 2011. : Students’ Motivation in Learning English at Fifth Year of SDN Kutorejo Tuban.
Advisor                                  : Drs. Tri Budhi
Key word                               : Students, Motivation, Learning English

       English is a foreign language in our country. Most of people interested in English because they believe it will give a chance for advancement in their professional life or carrier. It is due to the fact that English has become an international language communication where many different countries do their business and trade by using English. So, English is taught in every education level starting from Elementary School as a local content subject to university.

       Therefore, it is necessary for the teacher to convince the students that they will be successful in learning their subject, if they are motivated students. And students who have high motivation will promote better achievement. The teacher has to try hard to develop students’ power of mind in learning their subject matter and to guide them to reach the goals by giving them stimulate.

       Based on the problem above, the writer will take the interest factors. The main purpose of the study is to describe the students’ interest in learning English. It is expected to be useful for the teachers to help students to increase their ability in English and get good achievement.

       This study is descriptive quantitative. The method of data collection used in this study is document, questionnaire, interview and direct observation. The questions which are arranged based on the research problem. They are general interest in learning English.

       After analyzing data, it can be found that the students of SDN Kutorejo have good motivation in English because they have strong interest and positive attitude towards the process of learning and teaching.



1.1 Background of the Study

       English is a foreign language in our country and one of the most important language in the world. As a foreign language, English is learned seriously by many people to have a good prospect at international community. Nowadays, English is an important language in Indonesia. Because of the importance of English, it is taught in all of formal school’s degrees, starting from elementary school up to universities. English also taught in courses as an informal school.

       In teaching and learning process in Elementary School, teacher plays a very important role in the classroom and the students would listen and do whatever their teacher ask them to do. So, the teacher should give motivation to the students to learn English well especially for those who have negative feeling toward English.

       In teaching learning, motivation is needed by students. motivation is an energy that drives someone to act, including in learning. one of the examples of giving motivation for students is challenging to study hard to get good mark for scholarship opportunity. The Ormrod states that motivation is something that energizer, directs and sustain behavior, it gets students moving, point them in a particular direction and keeps them going (1995: 472). Robbins (2201:155) defined motivation as the processes that account for an individuals intensity, direction and persistence effort toward attaining a goal.

     Motivation is a process within the individual students (William C Morse and G Max Wingo, 1969:355) and it is indispensable for him in the learning process to reach the goals. therefore, it is necessary for the teacher to convince the students that he will be successful in lerning his subject, if he is motivated student who is not motivated will do nothing although he has own interest in learning or doing something.

       Based on the background above, the title is “Students’ Motivation in Learning English at Fifth Year of SDN Kutorejo Tuban.

1.2 Statement of the Problems

The problems of the study can be formulated as follows:

1. How is the students motivation in learning English?

2. How is the students interest in learning English?

3. How is the classroom interaction between the teacher and the students?

4. What kind of techniques has the teacher applied to raise the students motivation and interest at SDN Kutorejo Tuban?

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study are to find out:

1. The students’ motivation in learning English

2. The students’ interest in learning English

3. The classroom interaction between the teacher and the students

4. The techniques applied by the teacher to raise the students’ motivation and interest at SDN Kutorejo Tuban

1.4 Significance of the Study

       The result of this study will be useful as an important information for students of Elementary school in SDN Kutorejo Tuban and the teacher should increase the motivation and encouragement of their students in order to be successful people in their life future.

1.5 Limitation of the Study

       This study is limited on the students’ motivation in learning English and the subjects of this study are the fifth year student of SDN Kutorejo Tuban.

1.6 Definition of the Key Terms

  • Student                     : Person who is studying at Collage or University. (Oxford Learner’s Pocket Dictionary, 1980:412)
  • Motivation              : Some kind of internal drive that encourage somebody to pursue a course of action (Harmer,1993:3) in this study motivation is something that energize the students to learn English.
  • Learning English   : Refers to study as a foreign language.

by: Rr. Donna Citra Kharisma 1106080099


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