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Many people like to read a short story and the writer sure that they are have a different opinion about the story that they have read. They have a different value about the characterization, setting, and the other internal things of short story. These differentials are natural.
Short story is one kind of literature. Literature is simply another way we can experience the world around us through our imagination. There are many kinds of literature, there are: drama, poem, novel, short story.
Almost everyone enjoy a good story, they usually like to read it or like to listen it from the other people, moreover there are people like to tell it or to write and create a good story. Novel and short story are kinds of literature which tell the reader about a story, but there are differences between both of them. A short story focuses on one incident in time, a novel has far more range, and it may consist of many incidents. A novel may have many characters, but in a short story there are a view character and most of the story telling us about the main character.
There are many internal forms that can develop the story. There are a title, point of view, dramatic conflict, theme, plot, characterization, setting, and style. In this opportunity, the writer will discuss about the characterization and setting of the short story with the title Stella’s Love Story.
Characterization is the depicting of clear images of a person. There are two methods of characterization. The first method is the dramatic characterization (Indirect Presentation). In the dramatic characterization we form our opinion of the characters from what they do and say, their environment. In short, the author shows the character’s action and the reader infer what they are like from what they think or say or do. And the second method is the analytic characterization (Direct Presentation). In the analytic characterization the author comments upon the character, explaining their appearances and their thoughts.
Setting is what gives the background to the story. The reader must know where and when the story is taking place. In setting, we can find two elements, there are place and time. Place is where is the story is taking place. And time is when the story happens.


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